Mile-Wide Sea Of Plastic Discovered In The Caribbean Choking Wildlife (VIDEO)

February 22, 2019

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Recycle, what comes to your mind when hearing that? Those multi-colored bins that you get mixed up half the time? Or are you a hardcore environmentalist? Well, it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, what you’re about to discover will shock you.

What number of plastic bags do you use in a single week? 3, 4, 5 more? What do you do with them once you’re finished with them? Do you just throw them out? Well once you do you know they don’t just disappear right? They end up in the landfill and some even in the ocean where they degrade into toxic materials in 12 months.

Colossal Mass Of Plastic Waste Taking Over

There are huge fields of plastic in the ocean, killing sea creatures and poisoning the world’s water supplies, recently a dive team investigated one of these fields that was just off Idyllic Island near Honduras. The huge sea of plastic contained footballs, televisions, and shoes from all around the world.

Some would immediately assume that Honduras would be solely responsible, but this is not the case due to global currents everyone contributes to the rubbish in the oceans around the world, it is not uncommon for rubbish in opposite parts of the world to come together to form these astronomical fields.

Rafa Koralowa Mieci Caribbean Plastic Bag

The rubbish in this one area extends for nearly 8 kilometers, affecting tourism and the lives locals. This reality can be easily avoidable according to activists, recycling and using renewable materials in place on non-renewable materials can prevent serious environmental damage like this.

In conclusion, humans need to start looking after earth’s non-renewable resources soon otherwise it will be too late to restore, starting now will save time, money, lives and provide a safer happier future for humans. A massive clean up is inevitable if humans want to survive on earth.

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