Slavic creature “DREKAVAC” – One of the oldest “monsters” from Slav countries

February 21, 2019

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Drekavac (Cyrillic: дрекавац, Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: [drɛkaʋats], literally “the screamer” or “the yeller”[), also called drekalokrekavaczdrekavac or zrikavac, is a mythical creature in South Slavic mythology. The name is derived from the adjective “drečati” (Cyrillic: дречати) as meaning yelling


In South Slavic mythology it is described as furry humanoid forest demon bearing long claws on the front limbs.

In later folk tales this creature has been variously described:

A modern description of a supposed drekavac describes it as a canine creature similar to a dog or some kind of bird.

Original beliefs

The drekavac was originally thought to have come from the souls of sinful men, or from children who died unbaptised.

It was popularly believed to be visible only at night, especially during the twelve days of Christmas (called unbaptised days in Serbo-Croatian) and in early spring, when other demons and mythical creatures were believed to be more active.When assuming the form of a child, it predicts someone’s death, while in its animal form, it predicts cattle disease.The drekavac is believed to avoid dogs and bright light. Also, it is believed that if the shadow of drekavac falls upon some person then that person will turn sick and die.

Modern sightings

Though the creature is used in precautionary tales for children, there are adults who still believe in its existence. According to the guide of a reporter of Duga magazine, numerous villagers on the mountain of Zlatibor report seeing it, and many inhabitants claim to have heard it.

Some modern sightings happened:

Vast majority of “encounters” are audio only – with people walking through the woods during nighttime suddenly hearing frightening screams, usually from above, which sometimes somewhat resemble a very loud cry of a human baby and ascribing them to “drekavac” due to widespreadness of the legend and the use of the story to scare children away from wondering outside at night. However, various types of owls produce just such screams as a defensive measure when they feel threatened, are nocturnal, avoid light, their sizeable eyes may give off a light reflection if a distant light source is available and angles between it, the owl and the spectator are just right and often dwell on trees thus seldom being identified as the prepreitor while also being rare to encounter hampering identification by deduction.

Appearances and references in fiction

In literature

In video games and roleplaying games

Drekavac is rarely depicted in video and roleplaying games.

Similar mythical creatures

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