“WHITE MAG” – A man who see my future – TRUE STORY BY ADMIN

February 21, 2019

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White mag- A man who can see the future.

I’m talking about this from my personal experience.
In 2015, I heard that a famous singer from my country came to my mom’s best friend to hear what he was waiting for in the future.

Mama’s friend called this “white magician” to her home to help us all and tell us something our future is waiting for. Honestly , I did not believe that anyone could predict what could happen to you in the future, but I still went because I was very interested. When this man entered the room where we all sat there was sudden silence, but a lot of positive energies emanated from that gentleman. He usually holds these meetings at midnight during some Orthodox holidays. He claims that everything he does is with the help of God and that it has nothing to do with satanism.

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I never saw a man with more energy in his life, a positive person in himself, and somehow it is the type of man you trust in every word he says. First we all got out of the room because he talked first with that singer. After the singer came out, me and my mom came in. I was very scared.
He asked me about the name, date of birth. After that, he told me that I immediately had to stop playing basketball (I had been training basketball for ten years, but I made a break because I had suffered injury). I stayed in shock when he told me because I love basketball. He told me that I have to deal with sites and modern jobs because that will be my job. It was such a shock for me that I was left speechless, and I thought that was not true.

Then he told me something that made me scared. He told me exactly what I hurt, when and how long this injury lasts, he told me that I have a girl with whom I will live the rest of my life and that he wants us all happiness. Then he told me that I had luck in betting and that I needed to go to the bookmaker from time to time, but to be a moderate team of games. Believe it or not, I opened this site by winning $ 500.

Then he asked for a picture from my girlfriend to tell me something about her. When he looked, he said that this was the girl I could only dream about. He said that he had problems with the ovaries as well as some family problems that were true at the time.
This is just a part of the story and I could tell you everything in detail. I wish you would react to this story with your comments.

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